Animation for Business Growth

Animation for Business Growth

Waiting in the movie theater for my movie to start, across the screen flashed a poorly done commercial. It was so cringe-worthy that I had to shield my eyes. It was horrid! The 30 seconds seemed to last 30 minutes! I would have shouted “la-la-la” to overpower the sound if it would not have bothered everyone else in the theater.

Come to think of it, they were already bothered, so my loud mumbling would probably have been a comfort.

Sadly, that commercial plays every single time I go to that theater. Is anyone going to do anything about it?

If that was your commercial, you should be ashamed of yourself. Shame on you!

Most likely, it was not your commercial. But most likely, you too are thinking of similar commercials you have witnessed that made you feel sick to your stomach.

An entrepreneur with a heart of gold, and who had the skills to do something about it, would see the poor-excuse-for-a-commercial and promptly reach out to the offending company… and offer something better.

That would be better for the company, and it would be MUCH better for the viewing audience. That is merciful marketing! Kindness! And a brilliant move!


The answer to lame commercials is quality commercials. It seems obvious, but why are we talking about cringe-worthy commercials anyway if it is so apparent?

Clearly, people need help, which means businesses need help.

We need to get better, be better, and think better. No more awful commercials! No more plugging of ears. No more moaning in the theater seats!

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One option for “better commercials” is to create animated commercials that are funny, engaging, memorable, and of good quality. Rest assured, we are not talking about those 6-minute animated medical commercials either! Nobody watches those.

Why not make an animated commercial that people want to watch? Make it so funny, so interesting, and so clever that people actually enjoy it? They would WANT to buy from your company. They would brag about you! They would congratulate you for really taking it up a notch.

And if you had a series of animated commercials of the same quality, they would become fans just to watch your latest commercials.

It is doable. It just takes a company with a desire for quality commercials to connect with a quality animator who shares the same passion, humor, and quality intent.

Or not. Most people (businesses) are stuck on boring, ho-hum, average, normal-looking commercials to reach their intended demographic.


In the business world, you lead, or you follow. That is all there is. You might have a small niche business, but you can still show in your area of expertise.

So I challenge you… I BEG YOU… please come up with a better commercial. Please!

And if you do that, you will have set yourself apart from the rest! You will have connected with a broader audience than ever before. You will have branded your company wider, deeper, and stronger than ever before. All of which boosts your bottom line!

Your answer to business growth may be in creating a killer animated commercial (or commercial series).

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