9 Reasons Why B2b Manufacturers Are Investing in Digital Marketing

9 Reasons Why B2b Manufacturers Are Investing in Digital Marketing

Manufacturing marketers have changed to a new direction this year, shifting their attention to sales as the primary objective in content marketing as per the latest article by the Content Marketing Institute (via Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi) which includes research by Fathom. The article discusses some of the adjustments that B2B producers are making to their marketing plans and the results could surprise you! They did to us this is the reason we’ve listed nine of what we believe are the most significant conclusions in this study and giving them to you in a concise blog:

82 percent of B2B Manufacturers Make use of Content Marketing

The report reveals that just 18 percent of B2B manufacturing marketing don’t use content marketing. Wow, that’s an impressive percent, which means that 82% use content marketing, described by the report as “a strategy-driven marketing approach that focuses on the creation and distribution of high-quality relevant, consistent, and pertinent content that is able to draw and keep the attention of a defined target audience and ultimately in order to encourage profitable customer actions.”

If 82 percent of B2B manufacturing marketing use content marketing as part of their strategies, there has to be a reason for it, right?

26 of B2B Manufacturers say That “Content Marketing is effective”

Based on the findings last year, 30percent of manufacturing B2B marketers claimed they were successful in their content marketing. In addition, 53% of manufacturing B2B marketers who have written content marketing strategies affirm that they are successful. What’s the most important thing to success? The key is having a strategy and plan and then following the strategy.

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37 percent of B2B Manufacturers have a dedicated Content Marketing Group

And not just 37% of them have dedicated groups of marketers who concentrate on content marketing However, 19% of them plan to create one in the near future. According to this report is increasing quickly. The most successful among them are far more likely to be an enthused group (67 percent as opposed to. 37 percent).

89 percent of B2B Manufacturers agree that Brand Awareness is the Most Important Goal

The report reveals that when compared to other B2B competitors manufacturing marketers are more focused on sales as a primary goal (85 percent against. 75 percent overall). Furthermore, more manufacturing marketers mentioned sales as their primary goal this year than in the past (up to 88% this year compared to. 56 percent the previous year).

65 percent of B2B Manufacturers are Making More Content

The report states that the proportion of marketers producing “more” content has decreased by 4percent from last year, however, it remains very high. 21 percent of respondents are producing “significantly significantly” content, and 44% of them are producing “more” information than before. If 65% of people are making more content than they have ever done and there is a reason, then something must be happening for these marketers.

87 percent of B2B Manufacturers Utilize Video

The report reveals that the majority of content marketing in this sector is focused on the creation of videos. Other key tactics include eNewsletters (85 percent) and social Media Content (85 percent) Web-based Articles (84 percent) and illustrations/photos (82 percent). Videos are used more frequently from 88% last year to 87% this year, rising to the number one strategy from the 3rd spot last year.

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89 percent of B2B Manufacturers Utilize LinkedIn

The article gives the ways in which these marketing professionals use social networks. While 89% of them use LinkedIn however, 83% utilize YouTube (which makes sense since, in our most recent report, 87% utilize videos). “Even even though more businesses have embraced YouTube in the current year (83 percent against. 81% in the previous this year), LinkedIn has surpassed it as the most commonly utilized platform, with 16% more than the previous year.”

27 percent of B2B Manufacturers Post Daily or Multiple Times Each Week

For B2B Manufacturing marketers it is crucial to post regularly (at least 27% of respondents)! But, in comparison, these marketers are behind their colleagues in different industries. 42% share their posts daily or several times every day. Just 14 percent of B2B Manufacturing Marketers said that they publish “less than once a month”.

47 percent of B2B Manufacturers plan to Increase spending

There must be a plan in place in the minds of these advertisers! According to the report that 47 percent of these marketers are planning to invest more in content marketing over the next twelve months. While the majority of peers expect to increase their spending by 55 percent, it’s an impressive figure for the sector. In 2011 46% of manufacturers, marketers indicated that they would spend more, and this trend is continuing.

Manufacturers, despite being historically more traditional in marketing methods like mailers, have increased their digital and content marketing efforts in almost every way.

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