9 Key Tips To Know Your Target Audience


9 Key Tips To Know Your Target Audience
1. Find out who your target audience is

It sounds easy enough, but is this really possible?

You cannot reach people looking for additional income or a home-based business if you state that you want to go to them. It is essential to narrow down the scope and answer these questions: What age are they? Where do they work? Are they married or single? Do they have children, how many, and how old?

2. What are They Fighting With?

What are their frustrations, stresses and physical manifestations? What keeps them up at night? What are their fears, likes, and desires? Anxiety, pain, and stress can be motivating factors to change our behaviour.

3. What are They Looking for Online?

What keywords do they use to search engines? Knowing your audience is key to understanding them. Many people are aware that their target audience is very similar to them. Ask yourself: What do you search for? Where do you go online?

4. Where are they looking for online solutions?

Which websites do they visit? What keywords would you use to find solutions to problems if your target audience is like yours?

5. Are You able to relate to their struggles?

This is a crucial question. Knowing what other people are going through is key to understanding their struggles. If people can relate to each other’s struggles, thoughts and pains, they are more likely to be able to support one another.

Do not feel that you have to be successful to get people to follow your lead. Many people want to be able to walk with you through difficult situations, not just learn from you.

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6. What is it going to take to get their attention and keep them there?

Our attention spans are shorter than they used to be. Think about the advertisements that grab your attention and make it want to click. Take a look at your life and the steps you took to get you to where you are today.

7. What would you need to hear if you were one of them?

They want to learn something about you that they can relate to. They want to know something they can hold onto and help you bring success to your company. Never sell yourself short. You have something to offer.

8. Be You

This is a huge one. People are attracted to you because you are unique. They don’t want to be relegated to a template.

9. Always take the time to help others

It’s not all about you, and it’s about them. You will never be able to help others if you get too busy. This is what leaders are called to do. This simple principle will ensure that your followers stay loyal to you for an extended period of time.

Your results will be more excellent if you are more precise in narrowing your target audience.

Dee Carlson, a retired stay-at-home mom, loves to spend time with her family, including riding horses, riding motorcycles, and skiing. Network Marketing is what she believes in! Dee loves sharing the tips and tricks that she has learned along her journey.

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