7 Questions To Grab Immediate Attention

7 Questions To Grab Immediate Attention

The fundamental principle is that people won’t buy your product or become part of your company.

This is because no one likes being sold stuff.

You are purchasing a solution to your problem when you purchase something.

Consider the books on your bookshelf. Why did you choose to buy these books? The book was not 200-300 pages long. You wanted the information.

You wanted to know the RESULTS that this information could bring you.

You must engage in conversation with your prospect or customer to create a compelling marketing message. You can then leverage what they want once you have a clear understanding of their needs.

To get them to act, your message must be aligned with their needs, feelings, and perceptions.

1. What are their biggest fears, problems, pain, frustration, and disappointments?

Understanding why people buy products is essential. This will allow you to craft a message that resonates with them.

Network marketing professionals often struggle with rejection, keeping people on the team, staying motivated, and other issues. Create messages that address these issues by creating a list. Because they feel that you are speaking directly to them, people will be drawn to your message.

2. What are their goals, dreams, and desires?

Consider what they want to achieve for their future. They won’t be open to your message if you don’t know what it is.

3. What keeps them awake at night?

This is a highly personal question. Find out what their most pressing problems are that keep them up at night. They might not have enough money to pay their bills, are in debt, or want to quit their job.

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4. Which Books or Magazines do they Read?

Find out what they’re looking for. What Facebook pages or forums do they use? Your message won’t be in line with what is happening in their minds if you miss the mark.

5. What do they watch on TV?

It’s all about getting inside their heads. What messages do they open to? It’s easy to see this information in today’s digital world. People post pictures, videos, and profiles on social media about their lives. This can help you become a very effective marketer by watching and observing.

6. Who are Their Enemies

It may not be about one person, but which institutions or establishments are they against? Perhaps they have family members or friends who drag them down. What or who do they see as a hindrance to their success?

7. Which thoughts and ideas resonate with them?

Find out what ideas and thoughts resonate with your target market. Network marketers are often interested in self-improvement. This is why they will remember positive and upbeat quotes when you send them messages.

These questions are often overlooked by most people. You will have the information you need to craft messages that resonate with your target market and convince them to act.



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