6 Ways to Increase Sales After the Holidays

6 Ways to Increase Sales After the Holidays

Your Business Guide to Beat Post-Holiday Fatigue

No surprise, holiday shoppers shop more. Adobe Analytics reported that holiday shoppers spent $80.3 billion online between November 1 and December 6.

Your business might have enjoyed tremendous seasonal success if you were lucky.

There are many ways to increase sales in January, regardless of whether you have made a significant profit or suffered from holiday sales slumps. Here are 6 of my favorite January sales tips:

1. Another sale.

Although customers might feel tired after consuming so many Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas deals, there are still ways to reach them with a winter clearance.

Here’s an example: Anthropologie, a clothing and home retailer, have a winter clearance for all its sale items. They offer a 40% discount on items already discounted, appealing to customers.

Be authentic. Your fans will be savvy.

2. Tie in New Year’s resolutions.

Whatever product or service that you sell, there is a way to incorporate the “New Year” angle.

Tangerine’s 2018 survey found that almost 70% of Canadians had made resolutions. Nearly half of respondents wanted to improve their physical health, and nearly a third desired to manage their finances better.

Start by thinking about how your product/service improves the lives of others.

Financial, professional, and personal success
Wellness or health
Self-esteem and confidence
Next, think of ways you can incorporate New Year’s resolutions or goals into your sales program in order to avoid a slump after the holidays. We created a post to help one of our clients. It used personal success in 2020 as a way to increase sales for her Small Business HR Crash Course.

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3. Make a blog or buying guide.

Although we tend to focus on Xmas, people still want gifts all year.

The 2019 Holiday Season Shopping Report found that 47% of holiday shoppers didn’t know where to shop for gifts. Help your visitors navigate the web to convert them into customers at any time of the year. You could, for example, create a top 10 list for Moms or teens or highlight the most popular Father’s Day gifts.

With a bit of guidance, people will feel less overwhelmed. They will also be more likely to add items to their shopping cart. This can help you to increase your sales after the holidays.

4. Register for the newsletter.

It can be easy for small business owners to forget this crucial marketing tool. There is so much else going on in their lives. Is your eBook still available? Are you promoting an old promo or an ebook that has been around for years?

Think about the following year by taking a look at your eNewsletter signup pages. Are there ways you can make your eNewsletter signup page more attractive to increase leads and sales?

Perhaps you could write an eBook, a tutorial video, or offer a consultation for free.

5. Boost your social media presence.

Now is the time to remove any holiday decorations from your social media accounts. Even if your social media accounts didn’t have any holiday flair, this is a great time to look at the messaging you are sending.

Although you don’t need to update your branding or logo just because it’s new year’s, you can at least sweep your social media accounts to determine if there are any changes/adds that you should make.

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Facebook and Google My Business will show you your operating hours and whereabouts.
You can re-pin old tweets to your Twitter account.
Images for Google My Business or Instagram
All of your social media profiles will need profile photos.
You might be tempted to argue that this isn’t a direct way to increase sales after the holidays. But, it’s actually quite surprising! People will be curious about how trustworthy and efficient your small business is if they see old assets that aren’t being used or can’t find the time to update a Christmas banner on social media.
Here are the right reasons to rebrand your business logo

Your business will continue to grow over time. Your business may be able to offer new products or services, target different demographics, or enter new markets. You might have to change your marketing graphics if this happens.

You must be sure not to undo all your hard work in marketing and branding and to ensure that you understand how to rebrand to get the best results. You can read more at our website.

6. Celebrate the New Year with creativity

You can find a lot of January holidays online. You can make a list of important dates throughout the year and incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

A promotion, discount, or freebie that is related to your product could be offered. Let’s take an example: Last year, Carrabba’s Italian Grill celebrated National Pasta Day with a $10 pasta sale.

WWF’s World Penguin Day celebration is one of my favorite examples. It will be celebrated on April 25, 2015. They published an informative article entitled “Top 10 facts about Emperor Penguins” and urged people to adopt one of these cute waddling birds.

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This campaign captured our attention so much that we decided to adopt a few! We couldn’t resist the Emperor Penguin as our official mascot!

We didn’t get our penguins, but we did receive a cuddly pet, updates, and stickers, as well as other cool stuff to support the initiative.

There is no reason to expect and be prepared for a slump in sales after the holidays. Although we tend to put a lot of marketing and personal energy into the holiday season, our customers are still out there. They want to hear from you in a meaningful way that is relevant.

You can overcome the post-holiday fatigue by being creative and planning well to set up your business for a successful 2020.


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