6 Proactive Ways To Amplify The User Engagement of iPhone Apps

6 Proactive Ways To Amplify The User Engagement of iPhone Apps

The research on mobile apps’ use across the world revealed that users are planning to delete several applications after only using them twice. Although the iOS application store and Google’s Google play represent the most popular marketplaces, bringing millions of apps worldwide, however, there were hundreds in a single category which increased rivalry among app developers. Additionally, due to the ease of application development and lower costs, competition in this market has become fierce, and app owners have to figure out how to boost the participation of their users. In the same way, Let’s look at some methods that implicitly increase the level of engagement among users in iOS apps.

#1 Simple user interface

Apps are more susceptible to being abandoned by users in the event of cluttered and unique interfaces that are difficult to grasp. In addition, due to the intense competition, users tend to flock to apps that are easy to use and understand. This is why it’s crucial to create iOS applications extremely intuitive, with straightforward and organized interfaces that allow users to utilize them with greater comfort and freedom.

#2 Local, as well as push notifications

One of the best ways to increase the confidence of users who use the apps and boost engagement is by using push and local notifications. These notifications have been proven to re-engage customers when they’re not using the app for an extended period of time. The effectiveness of sending out notifications is since they display in short messages on screens that have a sound and also provide immediate actions for users to sign up immediately. Additionally, it is possible to do this with the help of the iOS 10 update that brings with it a variety of new features, including GIFs images, GIFs, and a detail view and 3D touch, and target-based notifications that developers are now able to include to improve users’ engagement.

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#3 SiriKit

SiriKit is the incredible feature of iOS that allows apps to communicate with their users in a natural way. This means, without doubt, through the use of the Siri interfaces on iPhones owners, they can entice their customers in a stunningly realistic manner through conversations. In the near future, apps that are in the category of voice-calling, messaging as well as ride or order booking payment search, and images will be able to utilize Siri. Siri interface.

#4 Social sharing

Promoting social sharing is an accurate method to increase engagement. Integration of apps with popular social platforms allows users to post their app-related activities or accomplishments. But social sharing should not be intrusive or disruptive to user experience and should be an option for users to use at any time they wish to.

#5 Deep linking

Although deep linking is a method to direct users to specific pages of the application from an external source, that could be a website search result, message, or even a social media post, and can have a direct impact on the level of engagement. It could make a large number of people use an app because it allows owners and developers to publish a particular informational content by way of URLs, which is as a web hyperlink.

#6 Localisation

In addition, to increase engagement across regions, tapping into their languages and cultures is an excellent method. Localization lets users translate the application into the desired language. This process enables an app to expand globally and attract more users, breaking down the boundaries of geography and languages.

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There are many apps that we know about. WhatsApp, Facebook, or Clash of Clans have exploded and thrived on the market due to having really have mastered the art of keeping users with their engagement strategies. However, these apps will soon be fading out of the spotlight without any active strategy for user engagement. Therefore app developers must seriously think about these strategies if they want the iOS apps to leave an impression that lasts for a long time.

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