Why Not Having a Marketing Strategy Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed

Why Not Having a Marketing Strategy Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed

A great marketing strategy is a crucial ingredient for any business. A solid marketing strategy is essential for any business to be successful. It is what keeps a company relevant and enables it to stay in business.
Sometimes, it’s easy to think back on the silly things your friends did just for a laugh. One of the funniest ways to have a quick laugh was to place your hands over your friend’s eyes as he drove. He was so freaked out that it made everyone in the car lose their cool. But, in retrospect, who were you kidding?

A marketing strategy alone is like driving blindly. Although it doesn’t make sense, there are many businesses that do just that. This gap is often overlooked by business owners who feel that their small operation doesn’t justify the effort. Many of these owners are quick to point out that they can either get the word out enough or that a lower-level employee could do great things through social media.

It seems that the proverbial “hands-over-the-eyes-while-driving” mentality still remains. Here are some things that businesses who still believe that a marketing strategy is unnecessary should know:

No Direction

Marketing strategies do not require direction. They are about setting goals and then figuring out how to reach them. It is about establishing an identity. If you don’t know what you want, how will you know if you are getting there?

You can’t focus if you don’t have direction.

You are moving in too many directions, and you’re missing essential pieces of information that will allow you to make adjustments and keep your business on track.

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You’re wasting a lot of money

If you don’t have direction and focus after high school, you will find yourself. You’re wasting your time and money when you’re in business.

There is no good end in sight

Too many businesses discover too late that the lack of a marketing strategy has cost them their most precious asset – their bank accounts. Business owners try to save their company by doing everything right from the start. It can sometimes work, but it is more often not. The reality is that success in business depends on hard work and luck.

Marketing strategy is not a “Silicon Valley” phrase intended to milk a business to its full potential. Since the beginning of time, marketing and advertising have been an integral part of business success. Although you can rely on word-of-mouth to get information about your business, you are putting your business at risk. If you have employees, your livelihood is as well.


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