10 Tips to Increase Spa Revenue Over The Holidays

10 Tips to Increase Spa Revenue Over The Holidays

Many of us feel holiday pressure as the holidays approach fast. Are we planning enough promotions? Is our budget on track, or do we have $20,000 to cover in the next six weeks? You have probably already planned holiday service and retail promotions and your gift certificate program. We wanted to share some last-minute tips and tricks that will help you finish strong in your fourth quarter.

1. Spread the word

All offers should be sent via social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to send emails and call your most important clients. Although you may feel like you are annoying your clients, most people are grateful for your personal touches. Include a coupon with all your marketing efforts.

2. In-Spa Advertising

We mentioned in our last post, 6 Tips to Boost Spa Certificate Sales, that you should have all marketing and promotions displayed throughout the spa. This includes the front desk, manicure stations, and front windows, as well as all tabletops and bathrooms.

3. Local Advertising & Radio

Many people still listen to local radio and read local advertising, despite the fact that they are not aware of it. Multi-location chains are known for advertising on talk radio, as that is where men are. They offer an 800 number that you can call to place gift certificates orders, and they will take them over the phone. This is a great way to reach targeted audiences.

4. Enjoy Discounts on Slow Holidays

You might offer holiday specials for certain services during slow days. You might offer discounted gift certificates, products, or services with a gift card. All transactions should have added value.

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5. Special Incentive Shopping Day

You can create an exclusive shopping experience for clients by setting aside a day. An open house where clients can shop and receive special treatment. Refreshments will be served.

6. Merchandise for Success

Your spa should reflect the holiday season. It’s possible to add holiday decorations without spending a lot. You can add beautiful holiday elements to your home by using crystal and beaded charger plates, sparkling tablecloths, and poinsettias, as well as glass vases that are filled with ornaments and sparkly tablecloths. For inspiration, visit local stores like Michaels or Homegoods.

7. Be there for your clients

Online. You should increase your social media posts multiple times per day. Your social media platforms are like a waterfall. They are constantly moving, and some clients may not be on every day. They might only visit once a week. Keep visiting them regularly and be consistent. One fun activity is to enter a photo contest on Wishpond.com. You can ask clients to show your holiday spirit, and you could win a $100 gift certificate or basket of products.

8. Reach out to your Chamber of Commerce

Many local Chambers of Commerce host holiday events that are open to the public. It is a great idea to get involved in their marketing and promotion and to be part of any holiday event they host.

9. Thanks to Your Clients

Reach out to clients to thank them for their business and support. It is possible to send a thank-you email via social media or by snail mail. Include a reminder and a special offer for them. Vista Print allows you to make custom cards at an affordable price. You can also use Canva to create your own template for social media.

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10. Be Philanthropic

Clients want to feel great about gift-giving. You can donate a percentage of your sales to local charities and other organizations. Tell clients which charities your donations will go to.

Spend a few minutes to discover where you can improve your holiday planning and ultimately increase spa revenue. Be innovative and relevant. Your clients will be happy if you give them what they want. Please share any creative and fun holiday incentives that you have for your company.


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