Who Is Going To Fix Twitter’s Product?

Who Is Going To Fix Twitter's Product

Twitter is a name that almost everyone has heard of. Twitter is the company that created the micro-blogging platform of 140 characters called “tweet.” This service is used by celebrities, journalists, and TV hosts all the time. The problem is, regular people, don’t seem to use it. Twitter is having a problem with product definition. Their customers don’t seem to understand the product. Twitter clearly needs product management assistance…

The Twitter Challenges

Twitter is a great place to get publicity. It is difficult to watch TV programs or ad campaigns without seeing a Twitter hashtag in the corner. Twitter is proving that, despite their success in breaking into mainstream media, most of their users don’t know how to use it.

This is the type of problem that can impact a product manager’s resume.

A few weeks back, I came across an article with an incredible statistic. It stated that 44% of people who sign up on the Twitter site have never sent a tweet.

Twitter clearly has a unique product management issue. They must find a way for mainstream adoption. This is important because Twitter only makes money through advertisers who use it. Twitter users who are active on Twitter will have more value to advertisers and can make more money.

The Man Who Will Fix All of Twitter’s Product Problems

We can all see that Twitter is having a problem with product management. The question now is: Who can solve this problem? Twitter decided Ali Rowghani would be able to solve their complex problem.

First, a little background about Ali is likely to be helpful. Ali has no product development experience. Ali started his career with McKinsey and Co. before moving to Pixar as the CFO. He was initially brought into Twitter as the CFO. However, he quickly became close friends with the CEO and is now the COO.

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Ali must now find ways to help new Twitter users get up to speed quickly and make Twitter feel more like an integral part of their daily lives. He must immediately address two issues: help new users locate existing Twitter accounts to “follow”; and explain to them how Twitter users use shorthand in their limited messages.

What Does All This Mean for You?

Some of us may not have the opportunity to work with a product as high-profile as Twitter. Even though Twitter is a well-known company, there are still product management issues that must be addressed by product managers.

Twitter’s most significant problem is its inability to explain how the product works to its customers. Ali Rowghant is the chief product manager at Twitter. He must convince users to make Twitter a regular part of their daily lives. Although it is possible, the details of how to do this are not yet precise.

Twitter is making a lot right now, and they don’t seem to be in danger of being shut down. They are part of an Internet business environment that is so fast that they must find a way for their customers to be more relevant. Ali has a huge task ahead of him. Let’s hope he has the product management skills necessary to solve Twitter’s product problems.



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