What Can ESPN Teach You About Growing Your Product?

What Can ESPN Teach You About Growing Your Product

If you are a fan of sports, then you will love ESPN. ESPN is the most dominant player in the field of broadcasting sports. In reality, they’re so integral to the sports world today that it’s impossible to recall an era when they weren’t there. But there was a time when sports fans had to search to find their favorite sport. However, this has changed and we now instinctively visit ESPN to learn more about what’s happening with regard to sports. What was the process that helped ESPN product managers come up with an official definition of product development which allowed this to take place?

What is it that makes ESPN Work?

The fact that ESPN is a huge success isn’t a secret. But, how ESPN product managers helped make it successful is not as evident. As product managers, they tell the tale we all would want to learn about. As you might have guessed there’s no single factor to make them successful, however, they did a lot of things.

One of the main factors that have led to the success of ESPN is the fact that that it’s a great workplace. Every person on the team of product managers truly loves being there. Sports are fun. The people ESPN recruited were athletes. The meaning of this was that they were then able to “play” the job they were appointed to fulfill. In a sense working at ESPN was like the ultimate adult play area.

ESPN believes that its advantage in strategic planning comes because it has managed to establish a collaborative atmosphere within its work environment. It has also led to employees who have a “never cease to invent” attitude to work. The way ESPN does is to recruit competent people, place them on a team and let them perform at their best.

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The Secret to the Success of ESPN

One of ESPN’s best-loved programs is “SportsCenter”. In this evening program, there is a recap of the day’s happenings on the field of sports is broadcast. It’s not a novel concept, it’s been around for quite a while. In these kinds of shows, they typically concentrate on a specific sport, and then highlight the best moments from the sport, then shift into the following sport.

The thing ESPN made that it did innovatively was treating the show as an article in a newspaper. It meant that the main story on sports would kick the show just as the headline. It could then be followed by a subsequent story, which could be related to an entirely different sport. If highlights were to be presented from a match the highlights wouldn’t be shown in chronological order. Instead, they’d be presented in order according to their level of excitement. This type of innovation is quite unique.

Thinking is the type of thinking you’d like to put on your resume for a product manager.

It’s important to remember that not everything ESPN product managers attempted to accomplish was hugely successful. In particular, when they attempted to establish ESPN shops for retail, they didn’t get customers were able to come. When they tried to establish another channel for sports, ESPN2, that was more trendy than ESPN and was not a huge success as well. But they’ve learned from the mistakes of their predecessors and bounced back quickly.

What does this mean for What Does This Mean For

If you talk to any person about sports on television one of the first thoughts that pops into their minds is “ESPN”. We product managers would all wish that our products possess that same branding appeal. This is precisely what our product manager job description enjoins us to do. But, it is important to be aware that things weren’t always such. ESPN reached where they are today thanks to its product management team’s efforts who help promote their brand.

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One of the most impressive aspects that ESPN has in its arsenal is the fact that it takes place off-camera. They have created a unique work environment that is based on teamwork. When employees are hired by the organization, they begin with the intention to “play” their role. This has led to an amount of innovation on the job taking place. Another way in which ESPN has reached the very top of the sports broadcasting industry is through their well-known Sports Center program. In a similar fashion to how newspapers provide information, they’ve come up with an original and well-known method to broadcast the sporting happenings that happen in the present.

As product managers, we can learn many aspects we can learn from the ways in which ESPN has been able to achieve success. It is important to keep in mind that a product isn’t just the result of one individual’s effort, it is the result of what the team can achieve. Utilizing the creativity that our product team provides to our customers can help us create the product that will be dominant in the market, and ultimately win similar to ESPN!



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