Top 3 B2B Lead Nurturing Characteristics for Success

Top 3 B2B Lead Nurturing Characteristics for Success

In the beginning of each campaign that aims to engage and reach high-quality B2B leads there are some important considerations that every B2B marketers must keep in mind. Particularly, when it comes to B2B nurture of leads, you should clearly define the goals and objectives so that your prospects are responding to your ongoing efforts to get them involved and also justify the investment you made in creating an inter-channel experience. If this is something that your marketing department isn’t doing it’s likely that your results aren’t reaching the desired level.

Think about the following three characteristics to help you develop a lead nurturing program that can effectively generate B2B leads

Track buyer journey progression

Personas to target with targeted messaging

Automated sequential messaging increases the efficiency


The ROI of a campaign can easily be linked to the point at which a nurtured lead can result in the sale. By utilizing a consistent flow of targeted nurture messages that make a highly customized touchpoint with potential buyers, you can alter buyer behaviour and help your lead to buying.

“Companies who excel in lead nurturing can generate 50% more sales-ready leads, at a 33% lower cost.”

A successful B2B lead nurturing program encourages advancement through the buyer journey. The question is: can you monitor it? Utilizing advanced marketing automation tools such as Marketo and Eloqua You can create a lead nurture program which qualifies leads on the basis of their interaction. When you assign a score leads based on engagement that indicates readiness to buy it is possible to focus on the B2B lead, which results in the development of the buyer’s journey.


Don’t be surprised if an email doesn’t get much attention when you send an unspecific text to B2B leads who are at distinct stages of the buyer’s journey and have different objectives to fulfill in their roles. If your company has conducted the proper research of persona development and the right audience, a bespoke message strategy is crucial for ensuring B2B leads’ engagement as well as progression of the buyer.

Combining this persona-based approach to messaging with a clear awareness of where your client is at and your lead nurturing strategy can help increase trust in your brand and loyalty by using high-impact multi-touches. By using a multi-channel strategy, you’ll be able to contact your customers during their buying process and stay in the forefront to create more B2B lead response.

AUTOMATE WORKFLOWS to increase efficiency

Not the least last, is the way you manage the trackability of a targeted B2B nurture program for leads. Based on the specific B2B contact points you make you will gain insight into the types of messages that move leads in purchasing. Based on their responses to these interactions, you can improve the tailoring of the messages that follow to guide them along the buyer’s journey. Leads can be moved into another lead nurturing program by adjusting the message to be messages that are more buy-ready or specific to verticals such as.

Automating these workflows, your team can be free from the task of transferring leads into various communications. A number Marketing automation tools we’ve previously discussed can accomplish this task – to automate and personalize the customer experience. This degree of sophistication is crucial in the development of your B2B lead nurturing multi-channel program.

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