How to Keep People on Your Website Longer

How to Keep People on Your Website Longer

7 Simple eCommerce & Business Website Marketing Strategies

It is a simple equation: The more people spend time on your site, the more likely they will convert into leads or sales.

Do your visitors enjoy what they see on your site? Or do they leave after only a few seconds?

Do they choose to purchase from you or abandon their cart before purchasing?

Statistics show that the average web user spends just a few seconds on websites before deciding whether they want to stay or leave. This means that you have very little time to make an excellent first impression.

It can be challenging to find ways to increase your website traffic and conversions online.

To help you keep your visitors on your website for longer, I am sharing seven eCommerce and business marketing strategies.

1. Keep your promises.

Although this may seem obvious, many small business owners overpromise.

You’re putting your reputation at risk by promising life-changing results or telling customers that returns are accessible when they are not.

It is common to make headlines and make big promises. However, I believe this can backfire if you don’t live up to the hype.

Stick to the truth. Openly and honestly share the benefits of your product/service.

Tell your customers how they can help solve their problems. But don’t make any promises that you won’t keep.

2. Utilize exit popups.

A website overlay called an exit popup appears when someone attempts to navigate away from a webpage.

The message of the popup can be customized to suit your needs.

If they give their email address, you can offer a discount on their next order.
To help you build your newsletter list, download an eBook or another freebie.
Encourage users to visit a blog that is relevant to them (hint: At the bottom of each blog post, include a clear CTA to help you decide what next).
Chat with a sales representative or support agent
Exit-intent popups, on the other hand, can be annoying.

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They don’t appear all over your site when people are trying to read or shop, so they aren’t distracting or intrusive.

They are one of the best eCommerce and business marketing strategies to keep customers on your site longer.

3. Give people a discount.

Who doesn’t love a good discount! Offer your customers an additional incentive to purchase from you or for you to collect their information.

If you offer visitors things like:

Discounts of the dollar or percentage value
A dollar-value discount
Shipping Free
Freebies (e.g., a free eBook or a 30-minute consultation)
Malary’s Fashion in Cloverdale, BC, offers 15% off your next purchase at their store. You can find the popup form on every page as well as the visible buttons on every page. Signing up for Malary’s newsletter will get you information about upcoming events as well as specials.

4. Email abandoned cart emails

Statistics show that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate of 70% is documented. People can abandon their online shopping carts for various reasons.

Perhaps they are just browsing or feel that shipping costs are too high after their total is updated. Maybe they are just browsing and notice that there is no SSL certificate (the “s”) in the “HTTPS,” which shows visitors your site’s security, and decide to switch to a trusted brand.

It can be a great way of increasing online conversions by sending an abandoned cart email. It works like this: If you have an email address, you can follow up after leaving a shopping cart.

Experts recommend sending your first follow-up email within one hour. This will remind your visitor that there are still items in their cart.

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You can remind them about the item or offer a discount or free shipping if they don’t reply to your first email.

5. Be careful with copies and images

You must grab their attention if you want people to stay on your site longer.

Engage your visitors by creating exciting and relevant content.

Every page should contain at least one high-quality, relevant image to break down the text. Do not upload large files with high resolution. Optimized images load quicker on your site, which is suitable for both your customers as well as your SEO.

You don’t have to be afraid of using multiple images in your blog posts. BuzzSumo’s analysis of more than one million articles found that articles with photos once every 75-100 words got twice as many social media shares than articles with fewer pictures.

6. Clear CTAs are important.

What are you asking your visitors to do on each page? Every page of your website should contain a call to action that encourages potential customers to take action.

You don’t have to just ask people to buy something or sign up for something.

CTAs can be used in eCommerce and business marketing strategies. This could include inviting people to learn about the service, contact you for more information or reach out to customer support.

A/B testing is a great tool to increase online sales. To find out which one performs best, you can experiment with different buttons, CTA text, and CTAs placed in other areas of the webpage.


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READ: Interactive Content Marketing: How to Engage and Inspire

Microsoft found that the average person’s attention span is eight seconds. Eight seconds! Your followers or readers must be attracted to you quickly and need your active engagement.

Interactive content marketing is a great way to achieve this. Interactive content is different from passive content. It requires that the user actively engages with the content.

This article will provide three tips to help you attract attention to your audience and make your company stand out from the rest.

Learn more at our website.


7. Learn more about video marketing.

Ninety-two percent of marketers today believe video is an essential component of their marketing strategy. This is an increase of 78% from 2015.

A video is a powerful tool for business and eCommerce marketing. It can help you retain customers on your site longer and increase conversions.

You can increase awareness about your brand and clearly explain what you are selling.

Although small business owners may find it overwhelming, it is straightforward to create compelling video content with your smartphone or laptop camera and tell the world about your product or services.

It can be challenging to increase your online conversions and keep visitors to your site longer. These eCommerce and business marketing strategies should help to clarify some of the confusion.


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