Going Global With Influencer Marketing


Going Global With Influencer Marketing
Do you remember the seventh-grader who had the latest, most fashionable denim skirt or cropped jacket and demanded everyone else have it? You can make her a global influencer by putting her on social media.

Although this is a simplified definition, it still means that a global influencer has the ability to influence people around the globe to buy certain products or services. Let’s look at influencer marketing and how you can take it to the next level.

The 411 on Influencer marketing

Word of mouth is still important, even though it has been an integral part of human communication for centuries. Why? Because they don’t trust or like traditional advertising. This begs the question: What, or, more accurately, who do they trust? It is easy to answer. The answer is simple.

While family and friends may seem to be the best candidates for building trust, an entirely new breed of online gurus is the influencers. These 21st-century power players include everyone from moms and Millennials. They have combined expertise, popularity, reputation, and an ability to “share” rather than selling. They create an irresistible sense of authenticity in their followers by doing this.

How important are influencers? According to Tomoson, a software-as-a-service company aimed at blogger and influencer outreach, influencer marketing is the fastest growing online customer-acquisition channel outpacing all other contenders, including both organic and paid search, email marketing, and bottom finisher affiliate marketing.

Go Global with Influencer Marketing

Your seventh-grade classmate may have only seen the local mall as a reference point, but today’s global economy requires a different approach. We now have access to products and services all over the globe. While global influencers still have value at the local level, they can also reach a wider audience of people with similar interests from different backgrounds. Global influencer strategies require additional logistical, technical, and logical factors.

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Finding global influencers is one of the most significant obstacles to global influence strategies. The intertwined issues of language and culture, especially when translation is involved, are the most important. Fluency is one thing—however, the ability to recognize the subtleties and intricacies that language presents over essential auto-translation services. Google searches and AdWords can be helpful in identifying relevant, reputable thought leaders in your target market. Klout and other sites can help you identify potential influencers who have the proper authority.

Next? The next step is to determine if a potential global influencer is willing to share their knowledge and engage with others. Expertise is only one part of the equation. Amplification is another crucial component. Having a lack of engaged followers can also stop your efforts from getting started.

While it can be difficult and complex to increase your influencer marketing efforts on a global scale, the potential rewards are enormous. You can exponentially grow your business and brand by expanding your influencer marketing efforts on the international stage in a practical yet resonant manner. A trusted translation partner with a robust global presence is an excellent step in the right direction.

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