Ethnography: Understand and Shape Your Brand Experience

Ethnography Understand and Shape Your Brand Experience

We as marketers are focused on our audience constantly updating, studying, and discovering more about the way that our customers engage with the products we offer. We conduct research, analyze the demographics, develop personas for users, analyze the user’s behavior, and then use these information points to tailor our messages to the right audience segment.

Does this provide the whole picture?

Ethnography is a different tool for understanding and can be used to eliminate any prejudices or assumptions. Ethnography is the process of understanding how users experience the item or service that are offered throughout all the life cycle that the item is in (from aisle to the point of disposal) and then using that information to determine what changes to make.

Interviews with Customers, Focus Groups and Interviews

These strategies are crucial in understanding customer needs, but they each have their own limitations. Human nature is to seek to please and to give the correct, “correct” answers. Respondents frequently forget information or miss facts they do not believe to be vital.

In the interpretation of these responses, it is possible to: could result in:

Incorrect interpretation
Answers that are not properly worded
Conclusions that the patients were lying
Research on front-end research is limited.
Incorrect or incorrect initial assumptions that can lead to specific questions
Learn from investigators: they conduct interviews, studies, and surveys however, they always attend to the scene. They can see the specifics that reports and interviews did not see. They reenact events to understand the seemingly insignificant details of the event or circumstance.

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The process of shadowing or following customers, or observing our products or services can allow us to uncover more information as well as identify patterns and commonalities in the use or issues to better assist us in meeting the needs and desires of our clients.

Qualitative and Quantitative. Quantitative Results

It’s as simple as that customers will choose the solutions that work for them. they’ll search for solutions for their needs that fit into their particular budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences. If you offer the services they require and they are aware of it, you will achieve great success.

The majority of our research is based on the quantitative findings from research. Qualitative findings will help you to better anticipate and plan for service or product adoption. You’ve got a fantastic product that meets the need, but will consumers benefit from it?

Ethnographic research involves observing and asking questions to see how users function with the product/state/service in their daily lives.

If you don’t conduct ethnographic research, you could be unaware of a packaging flaw or design flaw, or an unresolved need, or an unspoken need.

The average marketer, focus group writer, question-interviewer or writer would ever have imagined formulating the right question to collect this data. This is where ethnography fills in the gaps and offers information. This is the distinction in QUALITATIVE research as opposed to QUANTITATIVE research.


In its simplest sense, ethnography is the process of understanding your client.

Ethnography involves removing yourself and your beliefs, assumptions, prejudices as well as biases and interpretations, to understand how the end-users interact with products, services, or processes.

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It’s about being aware of the way they interact with their products by observing and discussing the interactions they have in their surroundings. They provide qualitative analysis and not just quantitative analysis; it’s a deep dive into actual practice in contrast to. theoretic.

Ethnography is a different tool that lies that is at the heart of the marketing process.

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