Creating Magnetic Headlines

Creating Magnetic Headlines

Your headline is the first thing that your visitor will see on your page. If it fails to grab their attention, they will not return to your page.

Statistics show that 8/10 people will read your headline. However, only 2/10 people will read the rest.

This is an excellent example of the importance of having a solid headline for your marketing material.

How can you make sure your headline is strong and dependable?

This 4-step formula will guarantee that you write headlines that attract your ideal prospect.

Let’s get started

Have a look at this example headline

Earn $62,000 or more per year in this part-time, no investment – necessary business – working from your armchair

In 48 hours, you can be “up and running.”

Bullet #1 Specificity

A vague and broad headline is the fastest way to turn off a prospect. It fails to grab the prospect’s attention, so they are unlikely to read the rest.

Here’s the specificity in action

“Make $62,000 or More a Year.”

This segment shows you how you can make at least $62,000 per year.

This is more precise than simply saying “5 figures” “… It offers an exact number that makes it easier to visualize.

Bullet #2 Benefit

You must answer the question of your prospect when writing marketing content.

“What’s in it to me?”

The features are not what your prospect cares about but rather the benefits they can provide.

Telling them is the best way to let them know about what it can do.

Here are the benefits of taking action

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“Working from Your Armchair”

This is an excellent advantage for the prospect as he can make “$62,000” from his home.

I find it very beneficial not to have to travel to and from work.

Bullet #3 Unique

Write only one headline. Don’t discuss multiple things.


It can become a problem for prospects after a while.

Unique in action

It is quite a fantastic opportunity to make $62,000 part-time from your home.

Bullet #4 Urgency

Your headline should be urgent. This gives prospects a reason to act now rather than later.

Action is urgent

You can be up and running in as little as 48 hours.

You can tell them that they can be on their way to earning $62,000 in 48 hours.

These are the four steps to creating killer headlines that will grab your prospects’ attention.

You have learned a powerful copywriting technique that will make you stand out from other marketers.

Don’t be concerned about the length of your headline. It is better to have a lengthy headline that clearly explains what you are offering than a short, confusing headline.

You’re now ready to cause severe damage to your market.

The following four steps will help you give your ad more pull and encourage your visitor to read the body copy.



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