Creating an Irresistible Offer

Creating an Irresistible Offer

You are familiar with how offers work.

If you want to make an impact, you must hit the mark.

How do you ensure you hit the spot you want?

Understanding your audience is the key to success.

These seven tips will help identify who they are and what to say to get them to buy.

Seven ways to make an irresistible deal

1. Audience

Your offer will be useless if you don’t know your audience.

Let’s face the facts: If you try to sell acne cream to teenagers, you will have more success than if your goal was to reach senior citizens.

It is essential to understand your audience and the problems they are facing, as well as what they want.

2. Value

Next, consider the perceived value of what you offer.

It must be more than the price of the item to make it irresistible. Groupon offers work well because they are so attractive. Groupon offers a spa getaway at 80% off the regular price.

3. One!

You may have noticed a buying frenzy when the latest game console, iPhone, or designer outfit launches.

Two reasons are behind this. There is the initial ‘I must have it’ crowd, who will rush to get it and wait in line at ridiculous hours to be among the first. You don’t want your friends to forget about the item. It must be great if it was bought by so many people.

This is one of the most potent buying motivators. If hundreds, thousands, or even millions have purchased the product, it is perceived as good, which leads to more people buying it.

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4. Eliminate their pain

People are often looking for solutions to problems.

They also want to feel pleasure. Your offer must not only relieve the pain but also make their lives better.

Holidays are not just for pleasure. A holiday offers to balding men to help them regain their lustrous locks and become more attractive to women is not only a solution to their problem (hair loss) but also offers additional benefits (extra female attention).

5. Keep in simple

You don’t want your offer to be so complicated that it turns people away.

Keep it simple with the ‘2 for 1″ or ‘become a Waltz expert in a week.’ It is straightforward to grasp.

6. Guarantee

Without a great guarantee, your offer is worthless.

People are tight on money, so they will be more likely to purchase your product if they know that they are covered in the event of a problem. It will also help build trust. You must be confident in your product if you are willing to offer a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

7. Incentive Programs

The buying public is a shrewd bunch. They might need more convincing to part with their hard-earned cash.

Incentives are a great way to do this. There are two main types of incentives:

Exclusivity is only available to a select few.
Scarcity – the stock is not available in sufficient quantities or for a limited time

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