Crank Up the Heat: Traffic Temperature 101

Crank Up the Heat Traffic Temperature 101

We all know that when it comes to marketing, we stand the most excellent chance of success if we are able to put the right message in the right hands at the right moment.

Knowing the temperature of traffic can assist us in creating the perfect message.

TRAFFIC TEMPERATURE is essentially an approach to classify different sources of traffic and the relationships we have with prospects of those sources.

You’ve probably heard someone talk about cold leads or warm leads… it’s almost the same.

The temperature of traffic is measured in three phases;

Cold Traffic
Warm Traffic
Hot Traffic

Our main objective is to attract the hottest traffic possible, so let’s begin there and then work backward.

They know the identity of our company, are aware of the things we do, and already have a connection with them. They are our customers, those who are on our email list.

What are we able to know?

This is the type of traffic that we control
The relationship is formed
They are familiar; they like us and trust us.
Direct access to them – that is, we are able to reach out to them whenever we need
It is free money to reach them.

What do you think this looks like?

When I signed participants to attend one of our webinars for training – the first thing I did was inform my mailing list. These folks know me personally and appreciate the quality of our work, So the message was a breeze…

“Hey Joe, long time no chat – hope things are well with you. We’ve been slammed for the past few months turning our internal client attraction methods into a reproducible process, and we’re going to be teaching it next week on a LIVE webinar… you need to check this out.”

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It’s like receiving a text message from an acquaintance.

They are the ones who know about us and view our site. Maybe they’ve read a few of our blogs or browsed through the website but aren’t our customers, and they haven’t yet joined our list of customers yet.

What are we able to know?

This is traffic that we are able to control.
We share an unofficial relationship.
They’re aware of us. But not in the way we do. They haven’t yet committed to us.
To increase traffic, we’ll have to invest more money.

What do you think this looks like?

A few months ago, we launched an expert interview series in which we interviewed nine successful pet owners. At the end of the series, we offered a product. To complete the program, we conducted Facebook ads, but in lieu of using my photo, which is logical, when speaking to the high-quality crowd (because the people already knew me), I talked more about the experts, as the experts were more valuable to the public than I did.

They’ve heard of me, but they also know the fact that I’m associated with major-time industry leaders. This makes the pitch more attractive.

This is the kind of traffic we aren’t able to manage. It’s hard to tell who the person is, where it’s coming from, or what their experience was. It’s usually the most challenging conversion rate, and we have no control over how it is delivered to us. It’s your SEO, blog posts as well as social media.

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What are we able to know?

There’s not much
We have no control over how and when we obtain it
We don’t have any information on them.
The goal is to make sure that the traffic is categorized correctly and increase the temperature scale.

What is this like?

In the process of promoting to sign up for our webinar event, we got many visitors to our blog, website posts. So we set out to make sure that users were qualified as fast as we could. We employed a number of ads on sidebars to serve as attracting users and pop-up windows to find out what content users were looking for.

The traffic was shown to be the least convertor of all. This is precisely why I’m an avid user of social media or blogging for small-sized enterprises. It’s not reliable, and there’s a myriad of factors that decide the amount of value you’ll gain from the effort. A 6-month lead-time for SEO… don’t think about it! I can make an ad in the early morning and get 100 clicks by the evening.

To promote my business… I employed Marketing assistants for blogging and to handle social media on my behalf, but I’ve discovered that I can achieve ten times the success by investing that money, not as a salary, but rather in traffic.

Once you have a better understanding of the three phases of temperature in traffic, It is now time to turn on the heating and turn cold TRAFFIC to HOT TRAFFIC immediately!

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