Content Marketing for Your Small Business

Content Marketing for Your Small Business

The majority of engaging social media posts have excellent content. Simply having a profile on several Social Media sites isn’t enough to keep users engaged or to attract new customers. To grab the attention of people, you have to create unique, popular, and engaging content on a regular basis.

It’s likely that you’ve learned that your content on social media shouldn’t be solely promotional of your service or product. Make it a mix! You can find a variety of information on a variety of topics.

What do you discuss on your social media channels when you’re not supposed to make sales or sell anything and sell? Consider these topics, and then add your own twist to them.

1. Company: Provide a glimpse into your company.

If your customers are on your website to find out more about your company’s history and the things you’re up to, then background information is an excellent way to begin. Let your readers get a better idea of what’s happening in your company and why they should follow you.

Behind the Scenes Photos
Staff Showcase
Product Photos and Videos
Business awards and achievements
Business News – what’s new?
Product tutorials
Music Playlist – do have music playing in your office? Display what you’re listening to so that your colleagues will appreciate your tastes in music.
The #tbt of your company – Throw Back Thursdays are always enjoyable! Upload a photo of the time your company was just starting out. Let your followers know the progress you’ve made.

2. Users who engage with the audience:

Social Media allows you to engage with an extensive range of potential and existing customers directly. Encourage your followers to become active, initiate an open dialogue, and inform your customers that you are paying attention.

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In the space provided, write: My favourite product is _____________. Or if I had a million dollars, I would spend it on ____________ (Be innovative)
Ask Questions
Hold Contests
Debate or Either People love to voice their thoughts. Invite people to participate in an either-or discussion. Ask them questions about your business (think about this product over this product) or something which is popular.
Audience Photos: Did your customers or followers attend an event or meeting? Ask to view these photographs.

3. Industry

Many people use the 80-20 posting ratio. It is recommended to post about other topics most of the time, but only 20% of your posts should be about your own personal life. Share what you’ve learned and what your readers could benefit from what you have to say.

Industry News: Share the link to a news article related to your business. Create Google Alerts using relevant keywords.
Infographic: What information do people most often share? Images Yes. Images are an excellent social media content idea, especially when it comes to shares. Give valuable details about your company or sector by sharing or creating your own infographics.
Books: Have you read any wonderful or interesting books recently? Are they helpful to your customers or followers? Let them know; they’ll probably appreciate your reading list as well.
Make sure you share the link to your LinkedIn Groups: The numerous groups on LinkedIn are excellent sources of information about business and industry. If you discover fascinating information, you can share it with your followers on social media so that they can also join.
Weekly Roundup: Make your top 5 or 10 list of announcements, news about business, and other information you consider to be amazing! Sharing this on a regular schedule, and your fans will be visiting your page’s pages each week for it. Consider this week’s theme to…
Promote your Partner Have you got other professionals or businesses that assist you in completing your business? Someone who supplies you with components or products? Integrate them into the Social Media strategy by linking their social media channels or websites. Invite others to promote your company too.

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4. Repurposed Content

Have content already? Repurposing and marketing existing content is a fantastic method to increase the number of news feeds and also to deliver your message to a new audience.

Blog posts: Do You have an online blog?
Re-share an old blog post: Find a prior social media posting that was successful and performed well, and then re-share it. Most likely, your new readers haven’t even seen it.
Share promotional videos If you’ve made promotional video clips and posted them to YouTube, make sure to share them via your social media channels.

5. Entertainment:

Sometimes, you require a bit of amusement to keep your followers interested.

Memes Everybody loves the excellent Meme (you have seen the fun pictures with text).
Inspirational Quotes: Everybody could use a bit more optimism within our daily lives. Motivational, inspirational, or humorous quotes are always effective.
Comedy YouTube Video: Search for the video that makes you laugh, and send it to your followers to let them also laugh!
Posts that demonstrate your humanity The ability to put a face on a business can help people to connect. Post occasional updates of your personal and non-work lives: adorable photos of your trips or meals you’ve eaten, and more.
Holiday Celebrations: Every day is an occasion for celebration! Let your followers have fun every day!
Help a Cause Give back what is most important to you, not just for business, but in everyday life as well.
Make a joke: Laughter is the most effective remedy, isn’t it? Send a joke or an e-card with your friends.

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