Building Better Brands

Building Better Brands

From start-ups to corporations, creating love-love relationships
Do you communicate your product/service offering effectively?

Are you appealing to the right audience?

Are you missing out on opportunities to propel your brand?

If the answer is Yes, or even Maybe to any of these questions, then it’s time for you to commit to better branding and marketing your business. Why? Because your competition is dedicated to success, regardless of whether you are. By creating a brand that is both memorable and beloved, a great branding strategy can help you stay ahead of your competition. This is what you need to know about branding with the Precise creative advantage.

Convertible Branding Concepts

Your business’ greatest asset is a well-loved brand. 59% of customers would prefer to purchase products from brands they trust, love, and know. You can make your customers loyal fans and brand advocates if you do the right things.

Once your brand has achieved love status among your fans, you will need to care for that baby. Special Creative’s dedicated team is 100% committed to each client they work with. We are equally invested in your success. Sometimes we might even be a bit obsessed!

To create exciting and fun brands, our branding specialists combine both creative and critical brainpower. We then integrate those brand elements into every aspect of your business.

Precise Creative Branding Services include…

Name of the Company
Tag Line
Brand Mood Boards
Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
Mission Statement
Statement on Culture
Brand Standards and Guidelines
Brand Framework
Precise Creative doesn’t view clients as tasks. We see them as people and the purpose of your brand. Many business owners don’t take the time to examine the details of their businesses. We do. Let’s see how our client journey looks like.

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Check out our Outside-of-the-Box Ideas.

Start-ups are best positioned to establish the tone of your brand right from the start. If you are an established business, your existing customer base is the best place to find brand positioning.

Precise Creative takes the time to study your competitors, their successes and failures, and to suggest ways to stand out from them. We look at everything about your business, from the top down to the bottom, and everything in-between, to ensure that you remain true to your brand in all you do and say.

We love immersive collaboration, whether it’s trying your service, eating your food, or playing with your product. We are open to experiencing the whole experience and falling in love. You can’t write about things you don’t understand.

We love building better brands and can’t wait for you to join us!

The Key Elements of a Great Brand & Logo

It generates excitement. Your logo and brand identity are the living representations of your business. Your logo should reflect your brand’s personality, represent the promises and values you make, and appeal to your target audience.
It is easily identifiable and remembered. Even if your business name is not attached, your logo should be synonymous with your business. This means that the logo’s style, colors, or design must be easy to identify and relate to (think: Nike Swoosh, McDonald’s Golden Arches).
It’s unique. You don’t want a logo that is similar to another, especially in your industry. Precise Creative is passionate about creating logos that are unique to you and your company.
It is transferable. It can be used in many places.
Building Better Brands – Making You Shine
Find out what it feels like to have a marketing partner invest in your brand… someone who has their finger on your customer’s pulse and the heartbeat of your business.

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The onboarding process is more than just skin deep. We do a thorough analysis of your business and brand to determine where you are in the market. Then we will recommend what it will take for your brand to be positioned well over the next five to ten years.

You may wonder why we put in the effort because we are there to support you on your journey to success. Precise Creative is more than happy to take on a few jobs in the following months or throughout the entire year. We will work together to achieve (and hopefully exceed) all benchmarks along your business’ growth path. We look forward to celebrating many anniversaries with you!

We only take on five clients per month in order to give our full attention to each customer.

Precise Creative family!

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