7 Pillars of Marketing Management

7 Pillars of Marketing Management

Marketing management is the art of planning and advertising effectively, promoting products and services, and managing sales to reach customers to maximize profits. Companies are looking for skilled candidates to be their marketing managers so that they can take their companies to the top of the heap. These seven pillars are the basis of effective marketing management.


A brand is a key to any business’s uniqueness. Brands should cater to the individual needs of their customers. To make the brand relevant to the people, extensive research must be done.

Brand visibility

Promoting is one of the most effective marketing strategies. To reach your intended customers, visibility of products and services is essential. To reach millions of customers, you must promote the brand offline and online. Online advertisements, social media activity, or banners can increase visibility.


Companies that are trusted by the customers more quickly will win their trust. It demonstrates the authenticity of the company and the value it offers customers. It is possible to build authority slowly, but it cannot be done overnight. Companies should have their own websites and blogs to make power.

Social presence

This is the new way to market. Social networking sites are a great way to spread awareness about your company and update customers about new products and brands. The business can see a dramatic increase in sales by advertising products on social media sites. This increases brand visibility.


The best way to increase sales is to educate customers about the brand’s offerings. The best way to increase sales is to convince buyers that the product meets their needs. To promote the products and services, campaigns should be conducted from time to time.

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Customer services

Customers will be more likely to remember your brand if they have a positive impression of it. Marketing managers who are skilled understand the importance of customer service. Customers will be convinced to buy from the same company or another product if they have good customer service. Customers can contact the company via e-mail, phone or personal interaction.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of each strategy

This is the final pillar of effective marketing management. This step determines if the business is on the right path. If sales are declining or there is no growth in the industry, it is essential to identify the areas where marketing strategies are lacking. Marketing managers must evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies and provide feedback to their team in order to improve.


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