4 Tips to Market Your Small Business Locally

4 Tips to Market Your Small Business Locally

You can take your seasonal marketing strategy to the next level
You’re likely thinking about ways to increase holiday sales, whether you just started your own business or you have changed your sales tactics because of COVID-19.

It’s fast approaching, so now is the best time to begin your seasonal marketing strategy to bring shoppers through your door or to your website.

First, understand that the holidays will look different this year.

In a previous blog, I discussed how customers’ fall/winter purchasing decisions might be different from last year.

Let me now show you how you can increase holiday sales locally. Here are four ways to enhance your physical and digital presence.

1. Create content with a local twist

Consider festive signage to remind people to shop local when you open your store for the holidays.

Many consumers will stay home this year and spend time with only a few family members. It’s also important to offer valuable online content.

Google reports that 35% of Canadians find in-store shopping difficult due to COVID-19. I predict that many people will choose to shop online for gifts rather than going to physical stores.

This is good news for eCommerce stores. People don’t want to just scroll through product pages. People want to read articles, videos, and reviews, as well as testimonials.

You might consider writing articles that are local and include small businesses, even if they don’t compete. You could, for example, write a blog about five things you can do in your local area this holiday season and link to a small shop that sells holiday gifts or crafts. Next, create a call-to-action that links to your product or service.

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2. Get involved with a local charity.

Many small business owners give their time and money to charities that align with them. It is a good thing to do, and it can make customers more likely to buy gifts from you.

A percentage of every purchase could be donated, or an item could be given for each item. You can display the number of items in your donation bin to your customers or upload photos and numbers online.

Customers (and you) will support a worthy cause, and you’ll be promoting your small business.

3. Make your website or store look better.

As you would decorate your home with stockings and garlands, your store and/or social media accounts can be trimmed to create a festive atmosphere.

Local decor can be used to support small businesses and reinforce the message to shop locally.

You can decorate your online profile with virtual holiday decor. You can include a photo of holiday lights from a nearby tourist attraction or a snowman.

Your followers will be able to see the same thing you are sharing online: discounts, sales, promotions, and well-crafted content.

You can increase brand awareness and engagement by creating a network of relevant imagery and content that is cohesive.


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Are you looking for ways to increase holiday sales? COVID-19, a global crisis that has impacted economies, supply chains, and retailers all over the globe, is called “Covid-19.” The purchasing decisions of your customers this fall/winter could be completely different from what they made last year.

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These tried-and-true strategies that worked well for us may not work anymore. It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you run, and it is essential to recognize that the retail landscape has changed, and so must your holiday marketing plan.

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4. You can host an event in-store or online.

It can be fun to host an in-store event if you have the correct social distancing protocols. To make your customers feel special, you can offer refreshments, entertainment, or private shopping experiences.

Although I expect fewer in-store gatherings this season, that doesn’t mean events can’t be part of your seasonal marketing strategy.

Consider how your product or service can be tied into the event. A virtual wine tasting with your three most loved gifts could be an option. You could also host an interactive party for children that teaches them how to make gifts using your products.

You can use a free tool such as Facebook Live or a Facebook Group to host your online event. You can send invitations to your subscribers, share the news via social media, and inform people on your website about the party.

It’s clear that the holiday season will be different this year. It’s important to use empathy marketing techniques when you are trying to increase holiday sales.

It’s also important to assure people that you are taking all COVID-19 precautions.

You’ll have success now and in 2021 by adapting your seasonal marketing strategy to suit people’s changing preferences and habits.

Are you looking for ways to increase holiday sales in your area? Let me know your ideas in the comments.

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