3 Reasons Why the Amish Were Right About Marketing

3 Reasons Why the Amish Were Right About Marketing

What images come to your mind when I say “Amish”?
Maybe your thoughts turn to horse-drawn carriages or a tight-knit community without electricity or photography. Perhaps you are thinking about the clothing that Amish people wear or the long hours they work.

Whatever your thoughts, have you ever considered the Amish to be marketing geniuses? This is a thought I have when I think of the Amish. The Amish are known for their commitment to staying in their communities and avoiding modern life. The Amish also offer a way for people who aren’t Amish to visit their communities and buy their products.

Marketing is something I believe in and can see as an integral part of business success. The Amish have a lot to offer the wider business community.

Brand Promise

Even though the Amish won’t admit it, there is a brand that Amish buy. Amish are known for their commitment to hard work. They can work up to 80 hours a week. They are skilled craftspeople because of their dedication to their work. You can be sure that an Amish product was not made in a factory using modern technology. Amish products are usually made by artisans who still use their hands and the same tools they used to create them a century ago.

The products are made by skilled craftsmen who take the time to make them. The Amish brand promises quality when they make products. Even though our world is very different from the Amish’s, they still stand by their “brand.” Many communities don’t use electricity or other technological tools. Entrepreneurs can learn from this lesson and create products in the same way they have always done.

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Doubling down on their Niche

The Amish know that the world outside their community is very different from what they are used to. You might see news stories about people who leave their community to live in the modern age. Although some people go to communities, and there may be pressure from the community to “evolve and move into the modern age,” the Amish recognize that they must keep their traditions and customs intact if they want to preserve their way of living and maintain their distinction.

This means that, despite the perceived pressure from Amish communities to integrate and modernize into larger communities, many Amish groups will instead increase their efforts. They stand firm in their beliefs, what they believe in and how they want to see the world. They know they have a way of living, and that is why most Amish communities prefer to stay true to their traditions and not conform to external expectations. When advisors or investors tell you to reduce your product or service offerings, think about this. Keep true to your product and remain in your niche.

For the long-term, keep doing what works.

The Amish understand that their beliefs and values go beyond the latest trend. Did you know that Amish farmers have higher yields over the long term than non-Amish farmers? How is that possible? The Amish don’t use chemicals and grow many different crops on their land to keep it profitable and working. They are a long-term thinker and not just about short-term gains. They know they want their land to be productive for future generations and will not harm it.

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Entrepreneurs sometimes want to follow the latest trend or idea when starting a business. The Amish aren’t interested in the next movement or promise that promises them money. They are able to identify what works to make their land sustainable for generations. And they continue working on it. If you have a winning concept and know there is a market, you should keep your eyes on the long-term.


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